Our fleet coordinators are equipped with the latest tools to ensure your product gets to where it needs to go on time. We are able to keep in direct contact with our drivers via cell phone and to monitor the exact location of your load using our state of the art satellite tracking system.

At Renaissance Transport, we know the importance of good communication. We ensure our customers always know the status of their load, with direct contact with our fleet coordinators and status calls from our drivers as they approach the destination.

  • Contact Dispatch:
  • Phone: 204-571-0187
  • Fax: 204-571-9363


At Renaissance Transport Ltd, we ensure are equipment is always at top performance level. We understand that in order to provide the prompt quality service our customers need, we need to have reliable equipment for the job.

Lucky Star Wash & Service Ltd is our on-site maintenance and repair facility. Our 15,000 sq ft shop offers every service we need to keep our fleet on the road and to provide quality one-stop service for the local community. Our shop houses a large multi-bay repair shop, a full service wash bay, a dedicated engine bay, a machine shop for any welding, fabricating and machining needs as well as a fully stocked parts department.

Our shop keeps our equipment on a full spectrum maintenance schedule:

  • Software capable, able to address any engine fault code
  • MPI certified, able to keep our fleet safetied and up to government standards
  • Has a DPF cleaning machine, able to perform regular maintenance to our aftertreatment systems.
  • Has a full service wash facility and wheel polisher, keeping our equipment clean to show we take pride in our business and to keep your product free from contamination.
  • Receives electronic notifications directly from our drivers the minute a repair is needed on any piece of equipment, ensuring our fleet is always fully operational.

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Driver Training

Renaissance Transport works together with First Class Training Centre Inc, which is an on-site Class 1 and Class 3 driver training facility. This has given Renaissance Transport the opportunity to hire people just coming into the trucking industry, ensuring they have the highest standard of training.

First Class Training Centre’s certified instructors teach from decades of personal experience in the truck transport industry. Their enrolment numbers are limited to provide both personal and quality training.

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